Our spring water comes from an aquifer. Simply put, an aquifer is an underground water table embedded in a reservoir rock and sufficiently permeable for the underground spring to circulate freely and enjoy exceptional natural filtration. The reservoir soil of our underground spring is made of crystalline rocks that are part of the Canadian Shield from the Precambrian era. These rocks are considered among the oldest in the world, more than 600 million years old. This rock formation, in addition to allowing an unparalleled and entirely natural filtration, confers an exceptional quality to our water; an unequalled and silky taste! All of this made possible by a balance of nutrients and minerals during the filtration process that lasts for over 60 years.

The Saint-Élie underground spring is protected by a thick layer of clay that can reach more than 60 meters in thickness. This layer is completely impermeable and acts as a cap protecting the water from any contamination coming from the surface.  This aquifer is located just below our plant and is directly connected to our bottling facility. This bottling, directly at the source, ensures exceptional quality of the finished product and minimizes our environmental footprint by eliminating unnecessary water transport. 

Moreover, with its soil storing an almost inexhaustible quantity of water, Les Sources Saint-Élie Inc. is able to offer exceptionally pure water, drawn from the source, while respecting what the source can offer us. Renewing itself more rapidly than what we extract from it, we ensure that the renewal of our resource is guaranteed for generations to come.