Sustainability of the resource

At Les Sources Saint-Élie Inc, it is essential to ensure the sustainability not only of the source but of the resource for future generations. Everything is done to ensure the protection of the resource. A vast display of means has been put in place in this sense, from the acquisition of surrounding areas to ensure that no urban development contaminates the spring to the hiring of hydrogeologists to verify the level of the aquifer, to name a few.

Buying local

For us, ” purchase locally” does not only mean taking what is available close to home, but also encouraging the local economy and minimizing our impact on the environment. We have established several business partnerships with local suppliers, so we favor the acquisition of Quebec and Canadian raw materials. The fact of encouraging our regions in terms of employment in addition to keeping investments in the country was a critical issue for us.  Another huge advantage is to minimize the transportation of these intrants, thus making them more eco-responsible.

The Environment

Despite the fact that alternatives to plastic are limited when a bottle is under carbon dioxide pressure, at Les Sources Saint-Élie Inc. it is important to try to minimize our ecological footprint. With the advent of the “diabolized plastic” and the wave of society’s awareness to reduce residual materials and the release of plastic into the environment, Les Sources Saint-Élie offers several ways to reduce its carbon footprint and the release of plastic into the environment by notably offering a fully recyclable bottle, another made from recycled plastic and even a biodegradable. We are always searching for innovative technologies and are always on the lookout for more environmentally responsible ways to deliver a high quality product in a container that has the least impact on our planet.

The human factor

Upon acquiring Les Sources Saint-Élie in March 2018, the first renovations and improvements that were made in the communal area and the employee kitchen. We strongly believe that a person with a healthy and safe work environment not only allows for better work performance and pride in working for the company but also to develop their skills and be an active element in the development of the company. Multiple efforts have been made quickly to ensure the safety of our people; the heart of our business.

Customer Relationship

Les Sources Saint-Élie Inc. champions the idea that honesty, transparency, good ethic,  great reputation, integrity of character creates an enjoyable work environment and a great company. It is imperative that our customers feel comfortable, respected and that their voice is heard while long-term trust is built by meeting and exceeding industry expectations. 

Our business model advocates the development of a business partnership rather than a supplier-client relationship. Indeed, managing and customizing your private label product necessitates nothing less than excellence, putting your name on our water and our product allows us to believe that it also becomes “your” product, whether it be for your reputation, your brand image, or your sales.