Les sources Saint-Élie Inc. is located at 111 Cristelle Street, Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, Quebec, Canada. Our bottling plant is situated on a protected thirteen (13) acre (58,082 square meters) property. Our spring water bottling facilities have been entirely designed to promote a great flexibility that allows us to produce still without flavor and carbonated natural spring water with or without natural or organic flavours. This line also allows us to accommodate diverse types of bottles, cap colors, labels as well as several types of packaging. Our facilities bottle a wide range of sizes, from 355 mL to 1 liter, and market more than 400 private labels, which is our core mission.

Since all of our wells and facilities are strategically located within 150 km of Montreal and 175 km of Quebec City, we are able to utilize our reliable network of local transportation partners. This means saving time and money for our customers while respecting our commitment to ethical, clean, and ecological production.

Our just-in-time (JIT) production method means that our bottling company is constantly listening to the needs and expectations of its customers. The physical proximity of the vast majority of our suppliers greatly facilitates the achievement of this objective. Finally, our made-to-order bottling approach was specifically designed to meet all the particularities and requirements of the market.


Over the years, our company has accumulated numerous certifications, including

  • A GFSI certification (SQF)
  • An organic product certification issued by ECOCERT CANADA 
  • Kosher certification issued by MK
  • A registration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration 
  • A Certificate of Origin issued by NAFTA (North American free Trade agreement) for export through Canada, the United States and Mexico,
  • A license issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency under the Canadian Food Safety Act