Saint-Élie is Bespoke water and the Gold Standard… where elegance meets taste.

Private label bottled water is who we are and what we do. With our experience and expertise, nobody does it better, with the same flair, precision or excellence. Saint-Élie`s private label bottled water is like the finest automobile or wine, it’s the top of the line, the Haute Couture and the Premiere Cru of bottled water.

Other companies may claim to provide the same product and service, but none uses Saint-Elie`s superior integrated approach, business model, our unique extraction methods, bottling techniques or distribution network. We have the best creative and sales staff in the industry and exclusive access to the best water on the planet. Put our product to work for you.

Saint-Élie`s private label bottled water is Pure Genius.

Every now and then, an idea comes along that is so simple, so startlingly new and fresh that it renders everything before it almost instantly obsolete. That idea is Saint-Élie private label bottled Water. It’s revolutionary and its genius. Pure genius!


It’s the genesis and essence of all Life. Each of us needs anywhere from 2-4 litres - or 8 private label bottles - of water a day. Times that by 7, then 52 and that’s the equivalent of almost 3000 bottles per person, per year. That’s a lot of water. And that’s a lot of bottles of water. Now imagine those bottles with your own uniquely designed label, your own ‘brand’ of water if you will, to go with your already successful product. Promote your brand by giving people something they need: water. Bespoke label bottle water creates the perfect association, subtle but enduring, between your brand and the essence of Life. What could be better? And what could be better for your brand? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Saint-Élie private label bottled water is genius. Pure genius!

Scroll through to see our full range of bottle styles.  And while private label possibilities are endless, Saint-Élie works closely with you to choose the right combination to suit all your needs.

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